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Wildlife Consulting Services

Foxwood Plantation offers professional wildlife consultation performed by Mike Hester. Mike has been a wildlife consultant for more than ten years and he specialized in developing quality wildlife habitat for Quail, Deer, Wild Turkey, Dove, Wild Gees and Ducks.

Mike worked with USDA as well as a number of universities (N.C. State, V.A. Tech., V.A. State, N.C. Att and more) in number of occasions in different states across the united states. He also received several awards from USDA for his work

We will design and set up your farm, plantation, or any amount of land to suit your needs for wildlife. We use a variety of warm season grasses: Switch Grass, Big Bluestem, Little Bluestem, Indian Grass, and Love Grass. Food Sources: Sorghum, Millets, Partridge Peas, Bio-Color, AmQuail, Kobe & Korean Lespedeza, Chufa, Clover, Chicory, Sawtooth Oak Trees, and others.

Quail Habitat (Switch Grass, Clover and Wheat,
Grain Sorgum, Bi-color Hespedeza)

Quail Habitat (Bi-color Hespedeza on bith sides
of the road with Savanna Pine Forest)

Quail Habitat (Grain Sorgum, Bi-color Hespedeza)

Deer and Turkey food plot
Imperial Whitetail Institute Clover and Chicery food Plot

Quail Habitat (Lespedeza)

Rates: $70 to $110 per hour plus expenses

Deer and Turkey food plot

Control burning

Control burn after. Promotes new vegetation
for wildlife habitat management


Backwoods Quail Club - Georgetown, SC. Rick Hemingway 843-546-1466

Camp Bryan - New Bern, NC. Steve Thomas 252-671-9393

Corbett Ridge Hunting Preserve - Mebane, NC. Darell Bigner 336-562-4223

Alamance Farm & Kennels - Mebane, NC. Neal Smith 336-562-2300

Dewitt's Quail Farm - Ellerbe, NC. Chris Dewitt 910-652-2926

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Burlington, NC. Phil Ross 336-8228-1753

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Greensboro, NC. Gary Cox 336-375-5401

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Chester, VA. (Retired) Mitchell Patterson 804-748-0268

Deer food plot (Chicery)

Deer and Turkey food plot
Imperial Whitetail Institute Clover Plot


Foxwood Plantation - County Line Kennel
Owned & Operated by Lintash Enterprises, Inc.
4907 N. Hwy 119 Mebane, NC 27302
Mike Hester
(336) 269-0296 before 8pm / (336) 421-3379 after 8pm

Wildlife Consulting Services